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Nicolaides & Michaelidou Financial Advisors provide high quality professional credit, loan and mortgage restructuring services to both individuals and companies.

Loan restructuring services - The proper restructuring of a loan, whether it concerns individuals or businesses, needs experience and a study of each case separately so that the borrower can save his assets but at the same time be able to respond to the repayment of the loan.

Insurance services - Managing the risks we face every day as individuals and businesses is vital as the advent of a damage that has not been properly anticipated or properly assessed may cause us a serious financial loss.

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The website was designed from the ground up with the brief to design a modern looking website, with clean lines and good navigation. There is a full menu section with a separate navigation menu and a contact form for enquiries. The site runs very fast on Amazon Cloud Servers and has a 99% speed rating on Pingdom tools.

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