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A little about duomo

Founded in Paphos in 2002, Duomo has grown and evolved over the years but remains a great independent, local Italian restaurant. The proprietor, Peter Elia’s goal is to deliver contemporary Italian food and to encourage diners to pop in at any time to experience his tailored services and food. The success of Peter’s vision today is thanks to his team of talented chefs and charismatic staff.Duomo has built its reputation on customers satisfaction and continually strives to deliver and exceed their expectations every day. This has been Duomo’s motto from day one.

Project details

The website was re-designed from the ground up with bold images and strong contrast together with sliders, accordions, tabs, parallax and Ken Burns affects. There is also a booking form which customers use to make reservations online. This has proven very popular and since implementation, online reservations have increased.

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